Paul Gravette, Building Brands and Measuring Success

For entrepreneurs of the modern age, the most important aspect of their work is being able to build brands. Any business person worth their salt in the modern age recognizes the importance of building a brand, and how it can help consumers become aware of the product and service almost seamlessly. For serial entrepreneurs and leadership giants like Paul Gravette, … Read More

Paul Gravette, The Power of Innovation

Knowledge, Technology and Experience To learn more, please click the following link, Paul Gravette- About business giant.If you have ever owned a business, then chances are you’ve given a presentation in the past and know how critical they can be to a business’ success. Few people know that fact better than Paul Gravette. With over two decades of working in … Read More

Paul Gravette Discusses Technological Advances

Le-Vel is based on a cloud-based infrastructure that has freed Paul Gravette to invest in the production of excellent products, and allow him to offer his independent Brand Promoters an extremely generous rewards plan. For Paul Gravette, using on-line technology to meet customer needs meant creating and nurturing a strong sense of brand community – primarily by enlisting social media … Read More