Le-Vel – Building a Brand

The largest and most successful companies are great at doing one thing: building brands. Having a great product line and a company with compassion is also important, but if your brand exists on a level above your competitors, you can use it anywhere. A successful brand can be put on any kind of product. Having a name that people know and trust is more important than anything else in business. A great brand will take care of everything else for a company.

Business partners Paul Gravette and Jason Camper, co-founders of Le-Vel LLC, know this adage all too well. Their 40+ years of combined business experience has allowed them to build up one of the most successful cloud-based companies over the last few years. Le-Vel, to most people, is seen as a premium lifestyle company, but to Gravette and Camper, they see it with the potential to become the one and only premium lifestyle brand.

Achieving optimal performance in life is the name of the game and that’s why THRIVE is the name of the product line for Le-Vel. Within this product line there are premium lifestyle products such as vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics, and a premium lifestyle shake for weight management. There is also the THRIVE experience which is an 8-week premium lifestyle plan to help individuals get into peak shape and performance, both mentally and physically. There are four categories that cater to men, women, a lifestyle mix, and a lifestyle DFT. You don’t need to be a professional athlete or gym rat. This product is designed for anybody who wants to improve their lifestyle.

Paul Gravette and Camper make these products readily available to anyone through the Le-Vel website. They also encourage people to become part of their business. If you love the products you use, there is a free system setup in place for you to become part of their ever-growing company. Their company is based on people who are familiar with their products and ideas. This allows them to provide their brand to a wider audience while allowing their promoters the opportunity to grow and become successful along with them.

The Le-Vel brand is growing every day and the people who use their product line, such as THRIVE, are the ones who are making it happen. Gravette and Camper have set up their business to be run by their promoters; not overpaid executives. Their brand is built on the people who know their product the best. This is what has allowed them to be so successful and it will continue to keep them growing.

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