Paul Gravette, Business Basics from the Beginning

Paul Gravette

Any aspiring business student or experienced MBA will tell you that success lies in knowing the basic fundamentals of business. Before you can start your business you need to know how to plan your company and make your way through the various ranks of the business world. These basic fundamentals are the building blocks to any business. Finance and accounting, marketing, strategic planning, leadership, and operations are the bread and butter that successful MBAs and CEOs abide by. It’s not enough to just know what these terms mean and how to use them theoretically. It takes years of experience, taking chances, and maybe some setbacks to thrive in the business world using these basic business elements.

Paul Gravette, Emphasizing Quality Above Everything. Paul Gravette is one of these well-experienced CEOs. He is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of successful experience in business. Gravette is a man who wears many hats. He has touched on many different aspects of business and everything he ventures into turns into a successful result. Business start-ups, software and brand development, and internet marketing are just a few things to list where he has had unmatched success.

Gravette is the co-founder and co-CEO of Le-Vel, a privately held cloud-based direct sales company. Gravette’s strategic planning and use of constant evolving technology has allowed him and his business partner Jason Camper to jump ahead in the field of direct sales marketing.

The cloud technology eliminates a huge percentage of overhead which leads to more commission for the company’s promoters. There are no corporate headquarters that house highly paid executives. This way, profits can be allocated to the company’s promoters.

This technology makes it possible for Le-Vel to have one of the fastest response and problem solving operating systems in the market today. It has also allowed them to have efficient manageability with fast pace growth solutions. The cloud-based design gives customers and promoters free tools to sell products or build a business. Their motto is to build brands, not products.

Le-Vel was founded in June 2012 and is based in Irving, TX, USA. The focal point of Le-Vel’s brand is their product line THRIVE. This product line includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, pro-biotics, amino acids, and premium lifestyle shakes for weight management. Le-Vel’s website offers several programs for their products to allow you to have the full Thrive experience. There are also health blogs available, customer reviews, feedback, and inspirational stories to help get you started. Le-Vel, Gravette, and Camper also have huge followings on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other major social media sites. Their company is easily accessible and understandable for anyone who is interested in their product and brand.

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