Paul Gravette – Delivering Exponential Growth

There is a lot to say about business giant Paul Gravette . A serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed over 20 years of explosive success in business start-ups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, and customer/promoter acquisition and retention, Paul Gravette is widely-regarded as a ‘thought leader’ in the direct sales industry, and is a highly-sought after consultant in the fields of internet marketing, software development, and health and wellness. Unsurprisingly, his profound expertise in communication technologies, social media marketing, direct sales, and software integration, are powerful catalysts for creating ‘speed-to-market’ advantages for innovative products and services to both consumer and business markets. Indeed, Paul Gravette has an un improvable track record for delivering exponential growth to numerous direct marketing companies and emerging Internet-centric start-ups, primarily through proprietary branding, vendor resources, innovative marketing, and sustainable direct sales distribution programs.

As CEO and Founder of Le-Vel Brands, LLC, Paul Gravette took this expertise in the health, wellness and direct sales industries, and decided on launching a premium lifestyle brand, Le-Vel. For Paul Gravette, innovating nutrition meant exploring new ways to attract people to a healthier, more vibrant way of living. The brand image of Le-Vel is modern, streamlined, youthful and energetic. Indeed, it is already widely-perceived to be a brand whose loyal following proves that personal testimonials are the most effective advertising.

As analysts point out, one of the most extraordinary aspects behind the rapid growth of Le-Vel is that it is primarily US-based. Naturally, the company has a market presence in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, but has only paid moderate attention to expanding its potential in international markets. The time will come. But as yet, Le-Vel is intent on maximising its influence in the United States. In fact, these same analysts are confident that Le-Vel is still nowhere close to reaching its full potential in America. They point out that although growth may slow down at some point in the future that is extremely unlikely to be anytime soon.

To give some idea of the meteoric rise of Le-Vel it is worthwhile looking at some figures. In a mere four years this entirely virtual company – the first of its kind in direct sales – generated an astounding 254 percent growth by 2015. This accomplishment led to the company being awarded the prestigious title of Direct Selling News’ 2016 BRAVO Growth Award during the Global 100 celebration in Dallas. Le-Vel also ranked 48th on the Global 100 and 29th on the North America 50, a subset of the Global 100. Annual sales for Le-Vel were already an impressive $10 million in 2013, but grew to $100 million in 2014, increased to $350 million in 2015, and hit $500 million in total revenues by the close of 2016.

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