Paul Gravette, The Future Of Cloud Based Technology

A Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Le-Vel is based on a cloud-based infrastructure that has freed Paul Gravette to invest in the production of excellent products, and allow him to offer his independent Brand Promoters an extremely generous rewards plan. For Paul Gravette, using on-line technology to meet customer needs meant creating and nurturing a strong sense of brand community – primarily by enlisting social media as the means to accomplish this vision. Allied to this was the knowledge that the company could grow and maintain a a strong and intensely loyal customer base that would be key to the company’s longevity. Indeed, while the company’s products deliver a host of health benefits, the brand message of helping people to feel better is refreshingly simple, enabling Brand Promoters to describe and share the products in easy, straightforward terms, predominantly via social media with personal testimonials and pictures. As Paul Gravette is fond of saying, “No one gets up in the morning looking for a direct sales company. But everybody gets up in the morning looking to feel better, have more energy, manage their weight better, sleep better. You attract people based on what they’re looking for.”

While Le-Vel is completely virtual, it also enjoys a particularly close-knit culture, even as its Brand Promoter and customer base continues to expand. This is not only due to the sense of community generated by this viral social media movement, but is also fostered by the enthusiasm of CEO, Paul Gravette. He was driven to create the kind of rewards plan and easygoing, supportive and inclusive environment that he would want to find in a company.

Indeed, as the fascinating and informative document, ‘Paul Gravette, About Business Giant Paul Gravette’ (paulgravetteentrepreneur.blogspot) reveals, Paul Gravette is a serial entrepreneur who has enjoyed over 20 years of explosive success in business start-ups, brand development, software development, internet marketing, and customer/promoter acquisition and retention, Paul Gravette is widely-regarded as a ‘thought leader’ in the direct sales industry, and is a highly-sought after consultant in the fields of internet marketing, software development, and health and wellness. Unsurprisingly, his profound expertise in communication technologies, social media marketing, direct sales, and software integration, are powerful catalysts for creating ‘speed-to-market’ advantages for innovative products and services to both consumer and business markets. Indeed, Paul Gravette has an unimprovable track record for delivering exponential growth to numerous direct marketing companies and emerging Internet-centric start-ups, primarily through proprietary branding, vendor resources, innovative marketing, and sustainable direct sales distribution programs.

As Paul Gravette points out, as CEO and Founder of Le-Vel Brands, LLC, he took this expertise in the health, wellness and direct sales industries, and decided on launching a premium lifestyle brand, Le-Vel. This meant exploring new ways to attract people to a healthier, more vibrant way of living. The brand image of Le-Vel is modern, streamlined, youthful and energetic. Indeed, it is already widely-perceived to be a brand whose loyal following proves that personal testimonials are the most effective advertising.

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