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Paul Gravette is a serial entrepreneur who is known to have transformed the health and well being industry in the direct sales marketing industry. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has helped build brands and add value to all the projects he has worked on, and become known for his sharp business acumen and also commitment to embracing modern technological tools. For Paul Gravette, social media and cloud technologies provide great platforms for building any brand, and are the present and future of marketing. Here, we’ll take a look at some of his oft talked about business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Paul Gravette uses the SMART advice to help people build their goals and find paths to discuss. First up is being Specific – The more specific you can be with writing down your objective, the easier it will be to clearly see what it is you need to accomplish. Often, answering the five “W” questions—Who, What, Where, Why, and Which—can help you achieve greater specificity.

Then there is Measurable – Can your goal be measured? How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal? Being able to quantify a goal is the only way in being able to make sure you have achieved it, and thus reaping the satisfaction for having done so.

Then, there is Attainable – Another way of putting this is “realistic.” Is it possible to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself? Setting a goal that is too hard does nobody any favors, as if you can’t reach it, then disappointment will ensure and be a harmful demoralizing factor on the road to success.

Then there is Relevant – For businesses, a relevant goal means that it has the potential to impact your business objectives, vision, or values. Making a goal that contributes to none of the values or ideas of the business is also a pointless and fruitless task.

And then there it Time Bound. Does your goal have a deadline? Without it, there is arguably no point in setting one at all, and things will never get done! These are the SMART tips from serial entrepreneur Paul Gravette- Innovating Nutrition> Find out more about him by clicking on the link in bold.

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