Paul Gravette, Positivity, Inspiration, and Entrepreneurship

Paul Gravette

When we think of modern business, we typically call to mind images of cut-throat executives and smoky board rooms filled with ruthless professionals. Especially when think of top ranking international companies, our notions of capitalistic competitiveness and drive for profits are at the forefront of our mind, and for good reason. For decades, capitalism has thrived on competition as a source for success. However, this competition, and those who are on top in their industries, is not only full of stereotypically cut-throat, competitive professionals. In fact, positivity and community-building are equally effective tools for success, depending on your industry.

This point was underscored in a recent video by serial entrepreneur Paul Gravette on YouTube. In his video called “60 Seconds to Success: Be a Positivity Magnet”, Paul Gravette explains how this underappreciated characteristic is a huge secret of much of his professional success. He explains, “No one can be one hundred percent positive one hundred percent of the time. But your world changes as your mind changes, and you are the one in control of feeding it…We’ve said it a thousand times: positive people, they’re magnets”. What he’s speaking to is the natural draw that others have towards those who are positive. Rather than business models that rely on competitiveness and having the upper hand, positivity works by establishing long-term business relationships built on a mutual desire to work with one another.

This type of business focuses on long term growth and the power of networking as an organic device for marketing. For example, Paul Gravette’s most recent entrepreneurial endeavor is his company Le-Vel Brands, LLC. Le-Vel Brands is a cloud-based direct sales company that sells premium nutritional supplement products. As a direct sales company, the business thrives on their promoters’ ability to spread their professional networks and grow as a company. By focusing on productivity, not only has Le-Vel Brands become an industry leader in bringing the highest quality products to marketing, they have also grown to more than half a million distributors in the five years they have been a company.

For entrepreneur Paul Gravette, developing a vision for the future is about taking care of people now. His professional goals focus on long term growth through networking, as well as building a reputation for himself and his companies of providing products that really matter to people.

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