Paul Gravette – How to Retain Quality In Business

When Paul Gravette founded Le-Vel in 2012, his profound knowledge of what does and what does not work in the direct sales and nutritional industry allowed him to know precisely the kind of brand he wanted to create. For Paul Gravette, emphasizing quality above everything meant creating a brand that embraced technology from its very inception. He was helped in making this decision by his realization that one of the biggest difficulties confronting direct selling is how to offer a strong personalized service that customers would be unlikely to find anywhere else, and at the same time positioning the company as an innovative, technology-driven entity. Recognizing that  it would be immediately self-defeating to sacrifice service quality, Paul Gravette instead decided to fundamentally redefine what a modern, direct sales company should be.

In this he was helped by his previous experiences that customer service and technology are by no means mutually exclusive. He therefore built Le-Vel on a cloud-based infrastructure that would free him to invest in the production of excellent products, and allow him to offer his independent Brand Promoters an extremely generous rewards plan. He affirmed that he intended to create and nurture a strong sense of brand community – primarily by enlisting social media as the means to accomplish this vision. Allied to this was the knowledge that the company could grow and maintain a a strong and intensely loyal customer base that would be key to the company’s longevity.

As Paul Gravette on Vimeo explains, success stories in direct selling almost always begin and end with exceptional products. Simply put, without a great product, no company can expect to sustain itself. Indeed, if you take a close look at the extraordinary success of Le-Vel, the first thing you are likely to notice is that it has an atypical infrastructure that has allowed it to maximally invest in products. The company’s signature product line – THRIVE – is a three-step regimen that has created a viral following amongst its followers. From weight management and lean muscle support to more energy, better digestion, and an enhanced zest for life, Le-Vel has consistently produced supplementary products designed to augment the core benefits of THRIVE These include its Black Label Derma Fusion Technology, which was the company’s most successful product launch until the introduction of Le-Vel’s FORM, an addition to Sequential Gel Technology line, in 2016. The product generated millions of dollars in sales within the first few hours of its release.

To give some idea of the meteoric rise of Le-Vel it is worthwhile looking at some figures. In a mere four years this entirely virtual company – the first of its kind in direct sales – generated an astounding 254 percent growth by 2015. This accomplishment led to the company being awarded the prestigious title of Direct Selling News’ 2016 BRAVO Growth Award during the Global 100 celebration in Dallas. Le-Vel also ranked 48th on the Global 100 and 29th on the North America 50, a subset of the Global 100. Annual sales for Le-Vel were already an impressive $10 million in 2013, but grew to $100 million in 2014, increased to $350 million in 2015, and hit $500 million in total revenues by the close of 2016.

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